About the Buildings

Our buildings are located where it all began - near the original fort, in the area now known as Old Town Saginaw, a 12-block area that the City of Saginaw has designated "Old Saginaw City Historic District." 

And like all historic buildings, ours are not just brick and mortar but storytellers of the CIty's evolution, from its vibrant past to its vibrant present. We consider it both an honor and a privilege to steward them into the future. 

Our acquisitions began in 2014 when Saginaw native Tom Germain, who now lives out of state, decided it was time to restore buildings that had been in his family since they were built in the late 19th century, and he reached out to his former college roommate Alex de Parry.

Alex and Tom formed a partnership and acquired the first property from multiple family members:  The P. C. Andre Building on the corner of Court Street and N. Michigan Avenue.  It was built by Peter C. Andre, Tom's great-great-grandfather who initially settled in Saginaw in 1846 and established a store along the waterfront.

We subsequently acquired other buildings in the area, including two more built by Mr. Andre, and they all have fascinating histories.  We're writing about each of them, starting with who Peter C. Andre was and where his buildings are located.  

In the coming months, we will write about each of our buildings and add links below so please check back often, but we begin with a brief history of Saginaw.

Saginaw: A Brief History

Meet P. C. Andre and His Old Town Buildings

The P. C. Andre Building: 412-416 Court Street

The P. C. Andre Building:  Corner of Court and N. Michigan Avenue

The P. C. Andre Building:  110-112 N. Michigan Avenue

The Alley Murals: A National Championship for Saginaw and 

                           A Tribute to Newell Barnard and Saginaw's Boatbuilding Heyday

118 N. Michigan Avenue:  A Connection to Prohibition